May 3, 2016

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celebrating: my 30th birthday on May 28th!  You know, I never thought I would be one of those people who felt weird about turning a certain age, but I'm really struggling with 30.  I guess I just thought that life would look differently at 30 than it actually does.  Instead of feeling down, I'm trying to focus on all of the amazing and fun things that I have done that I maybe wouldn't have if I would have gone down the path that I expected.

reading: my very first Stephen King novel!  After talking with my dad and determining that both of us are intrigued by King's works, we've decided to read one together.  We are starting with The Stand.

pondering: my personal style.  Blame it on the blog, but I've really been overthinking this one lately.  What exactly is my personal style?  And do my outfits actually fit what I believe my style to be?  I'm working to define what styles and looks I feel truly "me" in, but I would love your ideas as to how you would describe my style!

sipping: lots of café au lait with skim milk.  In an effort to feel good about myself (hello approaching 30th birthday!), I've been sticking to a rather strict eating regimen lately.  I desperately miss my sweet and creamy coffees but I've found a traditional café au lait to be quite satisfying!

going: to Orlando!  I am a lucky lucky girl!  Over Memorial Day Weekend, ten of my closest family members and friends are going to Orlando to celebrate my birthday.  I absolutely love Disney and can think of no better way to ring in the next decade.  We will be staying in a house together, relaxing at a spa, visiting the Magic Kingdom, eating at the Beauty and the Beast restaurant, exploring Harry Potter World (!!!), and sampling tasty drinks around the world at Epcot.  I absolutely cannot wait!

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