Jun 20, 2016

A Magical Birthday

If I had to choose one birthday to remember and cherish for the rest of my life, thirty would be the one!  I traveled to Orlando, Florida with ten of my closest family members and friends to celebrate at Disney's Magic Kingdom on May 28th.  Disney is one of my favorite places in the whole world but what truly touched me was the turnout for the party.  I am the absolute luckiest to have so many loved ones in my life with whom I get to spend the little moments and the milestones!

There's nothing quite like walking down Main Street, U.S.A. and catching your first glimpse of Cinderella's Castle, is there?  The lovely Brittany Morgan of Brittany Morgan Photography joined us for the afternoon and captured some beautiful moments!  It's these that I will be sharing today but stay tuned for a week's worth of Florida fun!

Did you know that if you visit Disney on your birthday, you get to wear a fun button for the day (and possibly a tiara)?  But the special treatment doesn't stop there, every single Disney cast member (a.k.a. employee) will shout across the sidewalk to wish you a happy birthday!  I really felt like a princess!

My sister gets queasy on rides very easily, so she generously signed me up for a fast pass to ride Dumbo the Flying Elephant with my niece, Eloise, and my brother-in-law, Brad.  I love my niece so much and I feel so very blessed to have ridden her first Disney rides with her.  What fun to re-experience the magic of Disney with a little one for the first time!

I do believe the words out of my sister's mouth when Brittany was taking this photo were, "This one's for the style blog!" Ha!  But seriously, this little towel is a must have when traveling to a hot destination!  You wet it and as it dries, it cools without getting drippy!

I wouldn't be the thirty-year-old I am today without these people in my life.  And there wouldn't have been a party without their careful and lovingly made plans!  Thanks, Dad, Moom, Seester, Maebles and Bradford!  I love you!

And these girls!  From high school to my first big-girl job, I've collected the most amazing women in my life!  I'm so so blessed that they came to celebrate my birthday with me and I know that there are lots more fun times to come!  Love you!

Thanks, Brittany, for capturing this amazing moment with everyone who came to celebrate the big 3-oh!

It ain't Disney if you don't have a little fun, right?!  I think Deanna makes a very pretty Captain Jack Sparrow!

And here we are, splashing into 30 on my all-time favorite ride, Splash Mountain!  Please note my dad, cool as a cucumber, sitting in the back while the rest of us scream.

You just have to eat a Mickey-shaped ice cream when you are at the Magic Kingdom!  Until you drop half of it on the ground.  Luckily I have wonderful friends who even share their ice cream with me!

While I want the feeling of this post to be a happy one, I don't think it's right to not acknowledge the tragic events that have happened in Orlando in the last month.  Please take a little moment of silence to send a prayer or a positive thought to the families of singer Christina Grimmie, the victims of the shooting at Pulse, and the family of the little boy who was attacked by an alligator at a Disney resort.

I hope you'll come back later this week for my own snapshots of the weekend including a spa visit, a muggle's first glimpse of Hogwarts, and a trip around the world!  I will also be posting about my Orlando outfits of the day as well as must-haves for a trip to Disney!

The magic is there if you look for it!  Cheers, thirty!
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