Jun 24, 2016

Orlando Outfits of the Day and Travel Must-Haves

Thank you so much for all of your positive comments on my Orlando adventure photos that I have been posting all week.  If you haven't seen them yet, here are the posts:

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You've already seen the outfits that I wore during my vacation but I thought it would be fun to talk more specifically about the outfit details and what you must take with you for a trip to Orlando!

Picking-out the outfit for your thirtieth birthday is an important task!  I wanted to feel pretty, classic and like myself.  I also wanted to be cool and comfortable because I knew we would be at the Magic Kingdom for the majority of the day.  This dress from Loft checked all of the must-haves off my list!  I love the v-neck and crossover details that make the dress lovely, unique and flattering.  The jersey material was perfect for a hot day on the move!  The dress is currently 40% off and comes in other colors and patterns.

And now let's talk about these shoes!  I had been on the hunt for some classic cognac flat sandals but with pretty detail.  After searching for a month or so, these beauties popped-up in my Pinterest feed.   Low and behold, the pin actually led to a purchasable link!  The sandals were definitely a splurge but they were exactly what I had been looking for.  They are very well made with strong and soft leather.

As much as I love these sandals.  I would actually not recommend them for a day at a theme park.  While the straps were comfortable and didn't cause any blisters, the soles of the shoes have no padding and left my feet very sore at the end of they day.  Next time I will be looking for sandals with more support!

Pictures compliments of Brittany Morgan Photography.

I had lots of luck shopping at Loft for my birthday weekend ensembles.  While searching for the perfect birthday dress, I came across this fun romper!  The fabric and fit was breathable and the elastic waist made for a super comfy outfit.  I also think that rompers have a playful vibe so what could be better than a romper for a theme park?

And these shoes were a much better choice for a day on the go.  The flat espadrille look is certainly on-trend this summer and the thick, squishy soles were perfect for my already-sore feet.  These exact shoes appear to be sold out but here are the same espadrilles but in denim.

To go with the fun t-shirts that my sister made, I wanted to wear something a bit more fun than jean shorts but still comfortable.  This skirt from Old Navy was perfect!  Plus it travels really well.  This is a great piece to add to your vacation suitcase this summer.

Along with comfy shoes and breathable clothing, here are a few of my other must-haves for a trip to Orlando:
-A small, casual purse: I wanted a bag that would fit the essentials but wouldn't get in the way when riding rides (granted you will probably need a bigger bag if traveling with kids).  I also wanted something that wasn't expensive just in case it was ruined by water, sweat, sun screen, ice cream or any other vacation uh ohs.  This purse from Old Navy was perfect for the task and is super cute with the tassel detail.
-Sunglasses: Do I even need to give an explanation here?  A pair of aviators are a classic accessory for any warm-weather outfit.
-A cooling towel: I mentioned this amazing little towel in an earlier post but my recommendation bears repeating.  When you wet the towel, it doesn't get drippy at all!  But as it dries, it cools!  It's perfect to wrap around your neck or lay across your forehead when you are feeling overheated.

Well friends, that wraps up my Orlando posts!  Thanks for revisiting the memories with me!
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