Dec 7, 2017

The Holiday Series: Holiday Home Tour

Ahhh, take in the sight of a beautiful, sparkling Christmas tree!  Is there anything else that makes you feel quite so warm and fuzzy inside?

Decorating for the holiday season is always one of my favorite Christmas traditions, but this year is extra special!  I moved-in with my boyfriend a few months ago so we are spending our first holiday season together in our home!

It's been so much fun to decorate with someone!  We had a ton of fun visiting a Christmas tree farm and choosing the perfect evergreen while sipping hot chocolate.  Then we spent all day Saturday watching Christmas movies and decorating the tree.

Last year, I decorated in rose golds and pinks, but this year I went for a look that's a little less feminine.  Part of the fun has been choosing decorations that reflect both my boyfriend and me!

My boyfriend and I each had a few sentimental ornaments of our own to contribute to the decorations.  Plus, while we were traveling this summer, we decided to always purchase an ornament in each place we visit together.  But despite this collection of baubles, we still had lots of blank tree to be filled.  When we decided on a traditional color scheme of gold, green and red, I picked-up some ornaments at Target to finish the decorations.  I also grabbed a wrapping paper trio to fit the theme!

While at Target, I splurged on this pretty, light-up "Noel" sign.  I mean, Christmas in French is "Noël" so I had to have it, right?!

I was also able to still use some of the decorations from my previous apartments including this grouping of sparkly ornaments as a center piece for our kitchen table.

You guys, I made a gingerbread house for the first time ever this year!  Well, my boyfriend and I each made one.  However, somebody's gingerbread house fell apart before it was even finished.  Since mine was the last (and only) one standing, we decided to use it as décor in the kitchen.  To complete the look in this room, I found this adorable (and delicious) candle at Bath and Body Works (it says, "We whisk you a Merry Christmas.")

And finally, a hot pink, wooden tree that I used in my apartment last year made for a fun and festive pop of color in our bedroom!

As my boyfriend and I continue to build our home and lives together, I look forward to expanding and elaborating upon our Christmas decorations.  But this year, our first year together, will go down in the books as a very special year!

Now take a peek at how the rest of the ladies participating in The Holiday Series decorate their homes for the holidays!

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