Dec 21, 2017

Winter Bucket List (And My Fall Bucket List Update)

It's always so crazy to me that winter doesn't technically start until the holidays are in full swing.  I feel like fall is a distant memory and I've been doing lots of fun winter activities for weeks even though we are just now transitioning seasons.

So before we are officially in cold-weather hibernation mode, I want to look back at my Fall Bucket List.

1.  Decorate the front porch for fall.  Yes!  I live in a house for the first time since I moved away to college so I was super excited to actually have a porch to decorate.  I kept things simple and was very pleased with the way it turned out.

2.  Tailgate before a Michigan State football game.  Of course!  I tailgated before every single home game this season.  Go Green!

My dad and me in our matching MSU coats!

3.  Wander through a corn maze.  My boyfriend and I spent a fun day at our local apple orchard doing all sorts of fall things (another of which appears later on this list).  We successfully found our way out of the corn maze, and indulged in donuts and cider!

4.  Run four miles without stopping to walk.  I, unfortunately, experienced a lot of pain in my left foot this fall that prevented me from sticking to my training the way I wanted.  But I think I'm on the mend and just signed-up for a 10k in May.  I gotta get to work!

5.  Try a new crock pot recipe.  I've tried lots of new recipes this fall but only one crock pot recipe.  I made this Slow Cooker Balsamic Glazed Roast Beef and it was delicious...perfect for a chilly Sunday at home.

Photo from Closet Cooking

6.  Attend a high school football game.  I can check this off of my list one and a half times.  I cheered-on the Wildcats at my boyfriend's alma mater and my very own Lancers for half of a game before the rain got the best of us.

7.  Try another round of Stitch Fix.  Financially, it just didn't make sense for me to do SF this season, but I am going to put it on my list for winter!

8.  Wrap up in a sweater and read outside.  I didn't do this one either!  I read (and listened to) lots of good books, just not outside.  Does wrapping up in a sweater and reading inside count?

9.  Go for a hayride.  My boyfriend and I included a hayride in our day of fall fun at the apple orchard.

10.  Visit a new hiking trail. (a repeat from spring and summer!)  And yes!  My best friend and I have successfully hiked together each month this year and we've been exploring all sorts of new trails.

And now we can really celebrate the start of winter!  Here are the activities I want to do to make the most of the season:

1.  Make the perfect beer cheese soup.
2.  Have a Christmas movie marathon.
3.  Learn how to ski.
4.  Go to an MSU basketball game.
5.  Mix some warm winter cocktails.
6.  Find a church in my new hometown.
7.  Try a top 10 Grand Rapids restaurant each month.
8.  Go to Taco Tuesday at Cannonsburg (our local skiing spot).
9.  Watch all of the Star Wars movies.
10.  Try another round of Stitch Fix.

Thanks again, Leslie, for hosting our bucket list posts every season!  And if you feel like putting together a bucket list for this winter, make sure you link-up below!

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