Jan 4, 2018

Currently: January

starting: a training program for a 10k!  I signed-up for my first race longer than a 5k and it's happening in May.  That gives me plenty of time to train and I'm ready to get to it!  I'm thinking of using this program.  It starts a bit easy but I think this will help me ease back into things after a small foot injury.  Do you have any programs or tips for training?

hoping: to be rid of my apartment soon!  I left my apartment lease early to move in with my boyfriend this fall.  Unfortunately, the penalty for breaking my lease is to continue to pay rent until someone else rents the apartment (or the lease is up).  I'm so ready to be done with paying for a place I no longer live.  Keep your fingers crossed that someone wants it soon!  (Or if you somehow happen to know anyone who lives in East Lansing, Michigan and needs a cute apartment, let me know!)

scheduling: more time with friends.  I was very intentional about making time for myself during the crazy holiday season and, as a result, had a really enjoyable December!  Now that the festivities have died down.  I'm excited to have more time to spend with friends.  I already have a date on the calendar for drinks with a new friend and to attend a party of a friend I haven't seen in ages.

reading: Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz.  Murder mysteries are my favorite and this one has rave reviews.  I'm only about 100 pages in but the beginning of the story was definitely unique!  I'm hoping to finish the book before I head back to school on Monday.

playing: Qwirkle!  My boyfriend and I want to build our collection of board games for easy (and free) date nights.  My sister and brother-in-law purchased this one for us for Christmas.  It's kind of like Scrabble but with shapes and colors and is good for two or more players!

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