Jan 24, 2018

What is Wubby?

So I've noticed a new trend recently.  A trend that I'm very much on board with, considering all I want to wear these days are cozy, comfy clothes.  I'm in love with all things wubby!

What is wubby, you say?  Wubby is wearing a cloud instead of a top.  Wubby is feeling like you are wrapped in a hug all.day.long.  Wubby is the softest, plushiest material I think I've ever felt and it's popping-up everywhere!  I've found jackets, vests and even an MSU wubby pullover that I can wear to cheer-on my Spartans!

In case you want some wubby in your life (and believe me, you do), here are a few of my favorite finds!  I recently ordered this vest and I never want to take it off!

maternity cardigan     /     blush jacket
drapey vest     /     pullover
plaid vest     /     blush vest

Have you tried wubby yet?

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