Feb 1, 2018

Redecorating Our Bedroom with PHOTOWALL

Last summer, my handsome guy and I decided to move in together.  Since then, we've had five lovely months of board game nights, cooking breakfast for dinner, and "honey I'm home" hugs after work every evening.

We've also spent a lot of time moving my furniture into his home, sorting our belongings, and finding inspiration for decorating a home in our style instead of mine or his.  Since we are in the throes of redecorating, I jumped at the chance to choose a piece of artwork from PHOTOWALL when they offered a canvas in exchange for a blog review.

PHOTOWALL offers a wide variety of wall murals and canvases.  You can search for artwork by themes like Typography or Cities.  They can also use pictures you've taken and turn them into a quality canvas to hang on your wall!

I chose this lovely canvas featuring a quote by e.e. cummings for our bedroom.  The quote evokes the romance and peaceful vibe I want for this space.  I wish I had pictures of our completely decorated bedroom, but you will have to wait for that since we are still picking the perfect furniture.  In the meantime, you do get a sneak peek at the paint color (his) and bedspread (mine) we're using.

I'm so pleased at the quality of this canvas from PHOTOWALL.  It was also really fun to put together!  It came delivered with the fabric rolled into a tube, four strips of wood, and super easy-to-follow instructions (believe me, I'm not crafty).  I felt so accomplished when it all came together!

If you don't believe me about the quality, check-out the strength of the canvas!

My little bud, Izzo, wanted in on the photo shoot action!

If you are interested in freshening-up your décor with a mural or canvas from PHOTOWALL, they are offering Whitney à la mode readers 20% off any purchase with the code WALMCampaign2018. The code will be good until March 10th!  Check-out their selection and let me know which pieces you love!
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