Feb 26, 2018

Spread the Love

I have such a fun post to share with you today!  Last month, The Blended Blog coordinated a fun gift exchange to celebrate Valentine's Day with our favorite bloggers.  Each of the participants was matched with another blogger for whom we chose an accessory to match her style.

I was so excited when I was paired with Kellyann from This Blonde's Shopping Bag.  Kellyann has such a fun and colorful style that, even though I've never met her in person, I think describes her personality, too!  I enjoy Kellyann's fashion posts because she can pull-off today's trends in a way that always looks classic and chic.  I also admit to living vicariously through her because she lives in Florida and is already rocking the warm-weather wear.  Oh to go outside in bare legs!  Kellyann, I'm so jealous!

Isn't she gorgeous?!  This is one of my favorite posts from her lately.

Anyways, I knew that I would receive something fun and colorful from Kellyann and I was right!  We were also totally on the same page in that we both purchased tassel earrings for one another.  I've been wanting to try the tassel trend for awhile but hadn't purchased any jewelry for myself in awhile, so Kellyann's gift was absolutely perfect!

I think my students will get a kick out of me wearing statement earrings to school and I also think that these will be perfect for date nights with my handsome guy!  Stay tuned for some outfit posts featuring these earrings.

Thanks, Kellyann, for being such a fun Spread the Love partner!
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