Apr 27, 2018

J'adore 4.27.18

Welcome to J'adore, my weekly space for sharing what makes me happy lately!

1.  The Gal Meets Glam Collection.  Y'all, if I could dress like Julia Engel 100% of the time, I would.  So when I saw that she was launching a line of dreamy dresses, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a few!  THEY CAME IN THE MAIL TODAY and I'm smitten!  I'm putting together a review post so you can look for that on Monday.

2.  Boarding School Mysteries.  It just so happens that the audiobook I'm listening to and the book book I'm reading right now remind me a lot of one another.  The Broken Girls and The Secret Place (by one of my favorites) are both psychological mysteries that take place at girls' boarding schools.  Interestingly, each has an element of the supernatural which isn't normally my thing but both stories have me riveted!  I'm hoping to finish The Secret Place this weekend and then The Broken Girls during my commute next week!

3.  Sugar-Free, Naturally-Sweetened Pop.  My friend Andrea mentioned this brand of pop (soda for you non-midwesterners) on her blog not too long ago.  I've been pretty good about eating healthily lately but every once and awhile I really crave something bubbly (and not just carbonated water, which I do love).  These drinks are amazing!  I highly recommend buying the value pack from Amazon because you get to try so many different flavors.  I've narrowed-down my favorites and will definitely be purchasing them from my local grocery store soon!
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