Apr 6, 2018

J'adore 4.6.18

Happy Friday, loves!  I'm so excited to start a new series today on Whitney à la mode.  At the end of every week, I plan to share with you a few things that I adore lately.  I know that lots of other bloggers do this, but I'm excited to put my own spin on the concept.  So without further ado, here is what I'm loving this week:

1.  She's All Fat Podcast.  If you are looking for a listen that's fun but with an important message, I highly recommend the She's All Fat podcast.  Sophie and April are sassy, hilarious and have something important to say in regards to body positivity and self love.  Not to mention this is a place for "chill vibes only."  Definitely check them out!

2.  Granger Smith Parody.  Okay, so first you have to listen to this song that is currently on pop-country stations.  And then you have to listen to this song.  Yep, that's the same guy, parodying himself.  You gotta love someone with talent and a sense of humor!  I'm still cracking-up over here.

3.  Coffee AM.  Are you like me and must start every day with a cup of coffee?  Do you love flavored coffees?  Then check-out Coffee AM.  My boyfriend recently ordered us a bag of Chocolate Strawberry and it's amazing.  Plus there are about a bajillion other yummy sounding flavors that I want to try!
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