Apr 9, 2018

Trunk Club Review

Hey, y'all!  I mentioned a few weeks ago that I tried Trunk Club and wanted to write a review post about my experience.  Well, here we are!

My helper bud obviously wanted in on this review post.

What is Trunk Club?

Trunk Club is a personal styling service through Nordstrom.  For a $25 styling fee, your personal stylist will get to know you and what you like to wear.  Then she will send you a trunk filled with goodies curated for you to try-on.  From there, you purchase what you want to keep (the $25 fee is applied to what you decide to buy) and send the rest back for free!  Afterwards, you review all pieces so that your stylist can use the information to put together your next trunk.  You can choose to receive a new trunk every month or seasonally (and you can skip trunks if you want).

If this is something you are interested in trying, I would super appreciate you using my my referral link so I can earn money towards my next trunk!

Why I like Trunk Club better than Stitch Fix.

You might be thinking that TC sounds a lot like Stitch Fix.  That's because it's super similar...but I like Trunk Club better!  Yes, the styling fee is $25 as opposed the $20 for Stitch Fix.  But you get so many more items in your Trunk Club box.  I feel that your odds of getting something you like are way better!  Plus, the styling fee is applied to what you decide to buy anyways, so that extra $5 doesn't matter too much.

I also like the personal connection you have to your Trunk Club stylist.  You actually get to chat with her (or him) in real time about your personal style and what kinds of clothes you are looking for.  That paired with the style survey you fill-out helps your stylist to really pick-out things that are perfect for you!

On top of the variety of pieces you receive and the personal attention, my stylist nailed my fit!  I usually eliminated most Stitch Fix pieces I received because they didn't fit quite right.  My stylist, Katy, made it hard to choose what to keep because all but one piece fit so well!

The Pieces.

Here are the items I received in my first trunk and what I think of them!

Bobeau Lightweight Twist Hem Top: I only allowed myself to keep two items from my first trunk and this is one of them!  The top has a nice weight to it (is a bit heavier than just a t-shirt) and is a lovely oatmeal color.  Plus I love that it is a basic with a twist (literally).  I'm wearing a small so I would definitely go down one size from your usual.

Everleigh Ponte Scallop Top: My stylist must have figured-out that I'm a sucker for fun details, like scallops.  This top also has a nice weight to it and is a bit stretchy.  I'm wearing my typical size medium but ended-up returning the shirt because I prefer my tops a bit longer.

1901 Stripe Knit Peplum Top: Ugh, this top looks so cute in this picture and now I'm questioning my decision not to keep it!  I loved the stripes and the fit of the shirt, but the sleeves were a bit too puffy. I think this would totally work for a special occasion but it felt like too much for a typical day at work (which is where I would most likely where it).  Sizing runs true for this top!

Calson Embroidered Sleeve Top: Of all the clothing items Katy sent me, this is the only one that I actually didn't like.  It was (obviously) pretty see-through and I don't like to wear tanks under my shirts.  And even though I liked the pink, peplum and stripes, I did not like the sleeves.  I'm wearing my typical size medium and this top seems a bit big but I think that's how it's supposed to look.

Lush Hailey Crepe Dress: This dress was so hard to send back, but I'm trying to be picky about what I add to my closet these days.  The color was beautiful, the fit was perfect and I really like the style.  Really, I knew I needed to limit my spending and this dress didn't quite make the top two.  I'm wearing my usual size medium so this dress is definitely true to size!

Kendra Scott Rayne Stone Tassel Pendant Necklace: How did Katy know that I'm a sucker for these Kendra Scott necklaces?!  And the stone in this one was gorgeous!  Unfortunately, a new Kendra Scott necklace just isn't in my budget this month.

CeCe Tie Sleeve Shift Dress:  This was the only piece in my trunk that didn't fit quite right.  For dresses, I can be anywhere from a size 6 to a size 10.  This is a size 8 so I recommend ordering from the high end of your size spectrum.  But you guys, the hot pink of this dress was stunning!

Treasure&Bond Metal and Leather Belt: This belt is much thicker than it appears on the website.  If I ever wear belts these days, they are usually skinny ones over a dress or skirt so I just didn't have need for this in my closet.

Leath Pleat Front Trousers: I wanted these pants to work so badly because I'm always in need of new dress pants and these were so comfy (they are a loose, flowy kind of material).  Unfortunately, the pleats were a bit funny looking on me.  I'm wearing my size medium here.  I'm not sure if sizing up would help or make the pants fit poorly in other areas.

Wit & Wisdom Ab-solution Straight Leg Jeans: For as many pairs as I've tried, I just don't think I'm a straight leg jeans girl.  I felt a bit like I just walked out of the late 90s in these pants.  I'm wearing a size 10, so again, go with the high end of your size spectrum.

Kut from the Kloth Diana Stretch Skinny Jeans: These jeans!  I came so close to keeping them.  I loved them, and I don't normally say that about jeans.  The reason I returned this pair was because I've been losing some weight lately and didn't want to pay this much for jeans that will (hopefully) not fit in a month or two.  But I did tell my stylist that I like this brand of jeans for future trunks!  I'm wearing an 8 so these are definitely true to size!

Jeffrey Campbell Charlin Bow Mule: And I finally get to talk about these shoes!  I was looking to add a pair of mules to my wardrobe this spring and I fell in love with the blush pink and bow detailing on this pair.  I also like that there is that little gap in the material which makes the shoe super flexible and less likely to crease (like I've noticed other mules doing).  I'm wearing a size 7 here when I usually wear a 6 or 6.5.  I think I could go down a half a size but these still work!  This pair of shoes is definitely a keeper!

Phew, that was quite the post!  What do you think of Trunk Club?  I plan on doing another review when I receive my next trunk in June.  Is there any other information you want me to share when I write that post?

And again, if you are interested in trying Trunk Club, I would really appreciate you using my referral link.  Merci beaucoup!
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