Jun 21, 2018

(Crazy) Life Lately

Hi, friends!  Life has been absolutely crazy lately!

On Friday, I spent a tearful day saying au revoir to my very last group of students and my sweet, supportive colleagues.

My students walked-out of my my classroom at 11:10 and then, at 11:45, I was offered a position with a company at which I had interviewed the day before.  And my start date?  Monday, bright and early!

So, friends, my career as a fancy business woman has begun. 

I haven't quite figured-out where blogging fits into my new schedule.  It's definitely not something I'm willing to give-up, but it might be slow around here for a little while while I determine what normal looks like again.

Thanks for sticking with me and I promise to share a better update (and my summer bucket list) soon!

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