Jun 15, 2018

J'adore 6.15.18

Welcome to J'adore, my weekly space for sharing what makes me happy lately! 

1.  One of Us is Lying.  I'm currently listening to this audiobook by Karen M. McManus and I'm rivetedOne of Us is Lying is a YA novel which isn't normally my thing, but it's a murder mystery which is totally my thing!  At the beginning of the story, Simon, Bayview High School's resident gossiper, is murdered during detention.  Suddenly, each of the other four students serving detention finds him or herself to be a suspect.  And each student has a secret to hide!  The story is told from the perspectives of these four students.  The mystery is perplexing, the characters are well-developed and I actually enjoy all of the narrators (usually I'm pretty picky about this).  I would definitely recommend giving this book a listen (or read)!

2.  All Things Anthro.  My sweet co-workers at the Junior High not only treated Justin and me to an amazing send-off dinner this past Saturday, they also gifted me with a generous Anthropologie gift card (ugh, saying "goodbye" to these two is going to be so hard).  I'm so excited to treat myself to something special from my favorite store!  I'm currently eyeing my favorite candle (in Crane Flower), this pair of Soludos slides, a woven crossbody purse and  this striped skirt.

3.  Forty Pearl.  I have another Grand Rapids recommendation!  (Sidenote: I don't know how many people who read my blog will actually ever be in Grand Rapids.  I just enjoy highlighting what my great city has to offer)!  I tried a new wine tasting bar downtown this week called Forty Pearl.  The staff was outstanding!  You can tell that they're passionate about wine and they were super knowledgable and helpful.  The bar features wine from Northern Michigan and I guarantee you'll find a few you want to take home!

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