Jun 8, 2018

J'adore 6.8.18

Welcome to J'adore, my weekly space for sharing what makes me happy lately!  And while you're here, thank you for all of your thoughtful comments on my post earlier this week!

1.  Hask Cactus Water Shampoo and Conditioner.   I've mentioned my love of Hask hair products before.  They are great on my hair and easy on my wallet!  I just cracked open my bottles of their Cactus Water Shampoo and Conditioner for the first time and this new (to me at least) scent didn't disappoint!  It's somehow sweet and fresh at the same time.  Plus, my hair feels super moisturized after using the products.

2.  Wohven.  If you have a special guy in your life (Father's Day is happening soon!), you should check-out Wohven.  It's a men's t-shirt subscription service.  Once a month, your gentleman will receive either a chic graphic tee or a plain tee.  The shirts fit well (they're comfortable without looking sloppy) and won't break the bank at between $9 and $13 per tee (depending on the kind of shirt you choose).  Justin has been receiving them for over a year and wears them all.the.time.  He likes them so much that we just purchased a subscription for my dad!  If you're interested, we would love for you to use Justin's link so he get's credit towards more tees!

2.  Luna.  If you find yourself in the Greater Grand Rapids area, I highly suggest dinner at Luna, a Mexican restaurant downtown.  Their menu features margarita flights AND salsa flights (plus yummy tacos and lots of other delicious, south-of-the-border treats.)  Meet you there??

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