Sep 12, 2018

Falling in Love with Camo

Oh my gosh, does it feel good to be getting back into the swing of blogging!  I've missed "visiting" with my blogging friends through reading your posts and commenting back and forth to each other.

Speaking of blogging friends, over at The Blended Blog we've just begun our Fall Fashion Frenzy series.  Each Wednesday, we would love for you to post an outfit following our weekly prompts and link-up with us!

This week, we are showing our love for camo, which is shaping-up to be a pretty popular print this fall.  Admittedly, I haven't always been into camo.  I've liked it on others but it hasn't felt very me.  I've found, though, camo with a touch of femininity is something I can be on board with!

I grabbed this super-soft, camo sweatshirt during a recent American Eagle sale and was so excited to wear it that I chose it for our very first cool-weather day!  I love that it's in pinky, soft hues instead of the typical green camo (it comes in blue as well).  If you are a traditional, green camo-lover, they also have this comfy-looking sweatshirt!

What I'm Wearing:
Sweathsirt: American Eagle (exact)
Vest: Eddie Bauer (similar)
Leggings: Fabletics (similar)
Sneakers: Keds (exact)

Where I'm Linking-Up

What about you?  Are you on board with the camo trend this fall?  Are you a classic camo or a camo-with-a-twist kind of a girl?  Make sure to link-up you favorite camo looks below!

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