Sep 3, 2018

TBB Asks: All Things Cozy

Hey, y'all!  Happy Labor Day!  What are you doing to celebrate?  My handsome fiancé and I are sleeping-in, heading to a local hot dog joint, and then spending the rest of the day relaxing. 

As I'm easing back into blogging this month, I thought it would be fun (and easy) to participate in this months TBB Asks which is about All Things Cozy.  And I'm happy to talk about this topic because I'm one of those girls that's ready to switch to everything fall as soon as September begins!

1.  Slippers? Yes!  I'm not a big fan of socks so I love having cozy slippers to wear around the house.  My favorite pair feature a grey cat that looks just like my little guy, Izzo!

2.  What is your favorite blanket?  Favorite blanket?!  How about ALL the blankets?!  I suppose my favorite is whichever is closest when I'm feeling chilly or like napping...even during the summer!

3.  Thin or thick pillow? Two medium pillows stacked together, to be exact.

4.  Favorite warm beverage? A vanilla latte with oat milk from Sweetland, a Grand Rapids coffee (and candy) shop!

5.  Robe?  Not really.  I like the idea of robes but usually end-up reaching for cozy cardigans or big sweatshirts instead.

6.  Favorite comfort snack or food?  A bowl of chili with some cornbread!

7.  Movies or TV series binge?  TV series binges all the way!  Justin and I just finished reading Ordeal By Innocence by my favorite author, Agatha Christie, so we're ready to binge the mini-series on Prime!

8.  Actual PJs or leggings?  I like leggings for hanging around the house but I do prefer some big, comfy pajamas for sleeping.

9.  Do you cozy-up on the couch or a chair?  Couch all the way!  We recently purchased a new couch with a section called a cuddler.  Need I say more?!

10.  Hoodie, t-shirt or sweater?  Most definitely a Michigan State hoodie!'

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