Sep 27, 2018

Bucket List: Spring and Summer into Fall 2018

Well, I'm a few days late, but happy beginning of fall!  I meant to post my fall bucket list to link-up with with Leslie's crew last week, but life got a little bit too busy.  Speaking of busy, I never posted my spring bucket list update or even created a summer bucket list!  That's okay, it was kind of nice having two seasons to check-off my intended-for-spring activities.  And here we are with a fresh, fall start!

Before I post my fall to-dos, let's take a look at what I accomplished this spring and summer!

1.  Plant something. You know what, I JUST did this a couple of weekends ago.  We bought a beautiful, burgundy mum bush at our local farmer's market and planted it just in time for fall!

2.  Go for one walk a week.  Nope, I think we did this a total of twice.  Oh well, I feel like Justin and I are pretty active and we weren't just sitting around being bums for two straight seasons.

3.  Try a new top ten Grand Rapids restaurant each month (a continuation from my winter bucket list).  YES!  We have been having so much fun trying new-to-us restaurants.  One of our favorites from this list might even be the venue where we hold our rehearsal dinner!

4.  Visit the zoo.  We had so much fun attending a Rock, Roar and Pour event at the Grand Rapids zoo.  This event was adults-only and you could carry alcoholic beverages around the zoo with you while viewing the animals.  There was also a live band and great food to enjoy.  I definitely want to go to another one of these in the future!

5.  Spontaneously get donuts some weekend morning.  It might not have been super-spontaneous, but after running a 5k, a group of friends and I got HARRY POTTER THEMED DONUTS as a reward.  Yep, a local donut joint had a special Harry Potter day.  We waited in line for about an hour but those donuts were totally worth it!

6.  Run a 10k.  YES YES YES!  I ran (no walking) my first 10k and finished under my goal time!  It helped that Justin had proposed along the race course (overlooking a beautiful bay) the night before.  I almost didn't notice how tired I was when I passed that special lookout.
7.  Make or buy a spring wreath.  Oh goodness, this feels like so long ago, but yes, my best friend and I spent an afternoon crafting and that yellow floral wreath hung on our front door until this weekend.

8.  Go-out for ice cream.  Justin and I checked this off the list a few times.

9.  Read something outside of the box.  I read Eye of the Needle by Ken Follett.  My dad and I actually read this at the same time (it's right up his alley) and had our own little book club to discuss it.  Despite not usually reading books in this genre (espionage/war thriller), I really enjoyed it and the book moved along really quickly.

10.  Start the Star Wars series.  So, I might just not be a Star Wars fan.  We watched one half of the first movie.  That's it for two whole seasons!  Ha!  But you know what, it's a start!

9 outta 10 ain't bad, even if it took double the amount of time I intended!  And now it's time for fall!  Here's what I plan to accomplish.

1.  Go for one outdoor run (I usually run at the gym).
2.  Purchase some gear to wear to a local high school's football game.
3.  Send-in some clothes to ThredUp.
4.  Watch all of the Halloween movie franchise in preparation for the new movie coming-out.
5.  Do 30 days of at-home yoga.
6.  Make something pumpkin flavored.
7.  Attend Art Prize (a big-time art festival in Grand Rapids).
8.  Try a new top ten Grand Rapids restaurant each month (a continuation).
9.  Taste each of Sweetland's (a local coffee joint) special fall drinks.
10.  Go wedding dress shopping!

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