Sep 5, 2018

Currently: September 2018

another MSU football season!  For the first time since I sat in the student section, I have my very own season tickets!  I'll be cheering-on the Spartans in seats next to my parents, fiancé and a great family friend for  Go GREEN!

buying: all of the fall-scented things.  Yep, I went to town on a Bath and Body Works order the other evening.  I stocked-up on soaps for all of our sinks, lotions, body wash and candles for every single room!  I'll keep you posted in regards to which scents I love the most.

sharing: my favorite true crime podcasts.  I've realized lately that every time a friend asks for a podcast recommendation, my favorites are all crime-related.  Does that make me a weird?!  I just love my murder mysteries!

reading: Sunburn, which was actually a recommendation of Anne's!  This novel is totally up my alley since I love a good psychological thriller.  Although, like Anne (if I'm remembering her review correctly), I'm not loving (or trusting) the main character.  I always like books a little less when I can't root for the lead character.  Still a worth-while read, though!

recording: my training runs.  Friends, I've really slacked in my running for the last month or so.  I love that my new work schedule allows for me to run in the morning, but I keep saying yes to more sleep instead of to the gym.  But I have a couple of races coming up and I really want to get back to it!  

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