Dec 2, 2014

Class Reunion Style

Last week, I asked you all for advice about which of three potential dresses I should wear to my 10-year class reunion.  Merci to all of you lovely readers who provided your two cents!  You helped me to understand the look that I was going for as well as which features of which dresses fit with my desired outcome.

So, without further ado, here is the dress that I chose!

You helped me to realize that I wanted to feel a little bit sassy and sexy at my reunion.  While the lace dress was absolutely gorgeous, the emerald leopard print of this dress just had the right vibe!

I wasn't sure how dressy the event was going to be so I wore tights (also to combat the chilly Michigan air) and suede wedge booties to make the dress a bit more casual.  Hopefully someone will invite me to a fancy Christmas party so I can pair this dress with some glamorous heels next time!  I did add a bit of glitz to my outfit with a sparkly necklace (because I doesn't love a bit of shine?!).

I had an absolute BLAST at my reunion!  You know, I thought reunions were supposed to be kind of weird and awkward but I didn't find that at all!  A few of my closest friends also attended so I always had someone to talk to, even during lulls in activity.  But I really didn't need my "security blanket" too much and spent lots of time reconnecting with formerly familiar faces.  It's kind of crazy to have a conversation with a group of adults who know what you looked like when you were seven years old!  I also danced my pants off (can you do that when you are wearing a dress) to some pretty fabulous 90s music (MMMBop, anyone?) and brought out my rusty stunting skills with a few other former cheerleaders.  All in all, a successful evening!

What I'm Wearing:
Dress: LOFT (exact)
Necklace: LOFT (exact)
Tights: Nordstrom (exact)
Booties: DSW (exact)

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