Sep 21, 2015

Essential Tote Bag Choices + a Lovely Little à la Mode Link-Up

Essential Tote Bag
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Alright, today is a total style blogging fail because I don't have a single outfit picture for you!  I had planned to dig through all of my bags and take different outfit photos with each of my most favorite fall catchalls.  But alas, new teacher professional development meetings, back-to-school night, lesson planning and grading (a.k.a. being a teacher) intervened and I didn't take a single photo!

Instead of being hard on myself, I'm looking at this as an opportunity to garner some advice! I've been saving-up to purchase myself a "big girl" tote bag.  I've used and loved my current Vera Bradley version to near death and would like to buy a bit sleeker of a bag as a replacement.  In order to justify a big purchase, I've been saving all of the money I've made by selling my clothes at consignment stores and via thredUP to use towards a good-quality bag.  Now that I'm close to having enough money, I just can't decide which bag to buy!

I've actually been coveting a large Le Pliage tote from Longchamp for over a decade!  I first fell in love with them while studying abroad in France in 2006 but have never been able to justify the expensive purchase.  Now, it just might be the perfect big girl bag I've been looking for.  If I do go with this style, there are so many colors to choose from!  I want something a bit fun but still classic.  I'm loving the cedar, fig and navy bags but would love your opinion as well!

While I've had a long-term love affair with Longchamp, I've recently been wooed by the simple leather totes from Madewell as well as similar styles.  The Nordstrom choices above also come in several fun, reversible colors!

So what do you think?  Should I go with my lasting love of Longchamp or my new fondness for a leather tote?  Which color should I choose?  Please help me out by leaving a comment!

And now it's that time of the week for a Lovely Little à la Mode link-up!

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Each week we choose a favorite...check out Carrie and  Casey's blogs to see if it's you! Here was my favorite this week:

I love Abril from The Color Palette's denim on denim look!  I'm hoping to try something similar very soon with my new light-wash chambray shirt!

Now let's get linking! We like to keep things simple around here. Just link up your favorite posts--fashion, beauty, food, DIY, anything goes! Follow your hosts on social media, have fun and be inspired! Thanks for linking up!

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