Sep 1, 2015

Currently: September

reading: Murder in Belleville by Cara Black.  It's the second in a series of murder mysteries that take place in Paris.  My favorite genre + anything French = Whitney heaven!

making: bunting banners for my classroom.  Instead of having a hodge podge of posters smattered about the room, I'm setting it up like a petit Paris!  There is going to be areas designated as school, the movie theater, a museum and Mademoiselle's house and then the posters are going to be hung by theme.  The banners are going to announce each location!  Here are the bunting instructions I used.

pinning: fall style.  Oh fall fashion, how I love your layers, riding boots and rich hues!  Isn't this plaid look enticing?

anticipating: when students walk through the door to my classroom on September 8th.  I am at a new school this year so I'm extra nervous and excited.  I'm also  feeling extra motivated to try some new things-- like a syllabus in the form of an infographic!

loving: quiet nights with a fall-like breeze coming through my window, spent with my cat and a good book! (photo pin).

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