Sep 9, 2015

Second First Day

I've taken a back-to-school picture by my door every single year since I can remember!  Let's revisit one or two.

Let's flash back to Monday evening, shall we?  My back-to-school outfit is chosen and hanging in the front of my closet, my lesson plans have been written and re-written, my lunch is packed and ready to be eaten, and then I get a text that school has been cancelled.  To which I replied, "Wait, what??"

Yes, dear friends, my first day of school was cancelled!  We had some pretty intense thunderstorms on Monday and my building flooded!  While it may seem enticing to have one more day of vacation, I was actually pretty disappointed.  I had so much energy and excitement to start the school year and didn't want to wait one more day to meet my kiddos!

Luckily, I split my day between two schools and was able to teach my two morning classes at the high school before going to assess the damage of my flooded classroom at the junior high (luckily, no major catastrophes)!  However, what do I do about that perfect back-to-school outfit I had planned?  I save it for my first full day, my second first day, if you will!  So I am, in fact, wearing this outfit today!

Did you notice that the print on my Express Portofino shirt is little Eiffel Towers with tiny French flags at the top.  I'd say that makes for a perfect first day ensemble for a French teacher, what do you think?

And thanks, those of you who noticed my new hair color!  I had my stylist use the balayage technique and I'm loving the results.  And those soft waves, I'm working on perfecting them but you will still mostly see me and my curly mop around these parts!

What I'm Wearing:
Top: Express (all Portofino styles)
Skirt: Banana Republic Outlet (similar, similar)
Belt: Charming Charlie (similar, similar)
Wedges: DSW (exact) <-- I love these so much that I want them in all of the colors!

Where I'm linking-up!  Is this TARDIS blue enough for you, Maricel?
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