Jul 27, 2017

Christmas in July with The Blended Blog

Christmas is my most favorite time of the year!  I love singing along to Christmas carols in my car, enjoying holiday treats and relaxing under the lights of the Christmas tree.  But my favorite part of the season is that feeling of love, joy and peace shared between friends and family.  Some people might think gift exchanges represent a too-commercialized side of the holiday but I see it as an extra way to show love to my favorite people.

So why not celebrate Christmas in July with my fabulous friends from The Blended Blog?!  These ladies are some of the most radiant and giving women I know.  Plus, since we share the similar hobby of blogging, we just seem to get each other, making a gift exchange even more fun!

I was so excited when I received a package in the mail from Sarah of Foxy's Domestic Side!  Sarah is a Californian ray of sunshine with the biggest smile and sweetest heart around.  Her positive energy is infectious and you can't help but smile when you're around her.  Not only does she have a great spirit, she is so fashionable (as evidenced by the great tulle skirt below) and she does the most fantastic hair tutorials.  Ugh, can teleportation just be a thing so that I can hang-out with Sara all of the time?!  California and Michigan aren't close enough!  Alright, alright, you're probably ready to see what she gave me, huh?

As soon as I realized that Sarah was my Secret Santa, I was hoping there would be candy in my gift box.  You see, Sara and I had a great afternoon walking the streets of Toronto while sharing a bag of candy.  We both have quite the sweet tooth.  Sarah did not disappoint, she treated me to gummy bears and Swedish Fish!

And being the hair expert that Sara is, she also gave me some really awesome hair products.  Check-out this vat of bobby pins!  Y'all, I go through bobby pins like no other so I'm psyched about the sheer number of pins as well as the fact that they are Sarah (the hair goddess)-approved.  She also gifted me with a bottle of Amika's dry shampoo.  I actually received a sample size of this stuff in one of my Birchboxes and flew through it.  She somehow read my mind and now I have my very own, full-sized bottle!

Sarah, thank you so very very much for the thoughtful gift!  I love each and every part almost as much as I love being your friend!

Okay, ready for more presents?  I had a blast picking-out some goodies for the fabulous Nicole of Nick and Nicole + 4.  Head on over for some more unwrapping.  And oh yeah, Merry Christmas (in July)!
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