Jul 21, 2017

Blogging Besties :: Novelty Print

The Blogging Besties series is the brain child of Alex @ The Cheerful Closet and Whitney @ Whitney à la Mode. In 2015, the series expanded to include yours truly @ My Closet Catalogue and Selah @ A Bibliophile's Style. It's based on the idea of "take one, pass it on," but we're passing on an element from another blogger's outfit. It's a fun challenge that inspires us to be creative!

Last week, Selah stayed fresh and cool in a perfect summer ensemble:

This week is brought to you by: “shorts, glitter, novelty print, or cuff bracelet”. And for your viewing pleasure, I give you: a novelty print.


I was smitten by this dress because of the print, but I stayed in love with it because of the sleeves, the quality of the cotton (oh, so soft!), and POCKETS! Sadly, when I received it in the mail and tried it on, I was disappointed to realize that it didn't quite work for my body. I sashayed and swanned about in front of the mirror, trying to figure out how to alter it to make it work. Was it too long? Was it too tight? Was the waistline too low/high? Then it hit me: shoulder pads and chest pockets. Although the print and cut is reminiscent of the 40s (thus why I bought it in the first place), it's really an 80s dress. So it had severe shoulder pads that emphasized my linebacker shoulders even more. Not a look I was going for. On top of that, It had two chest pockets that highlighted my ample bosoms, another look I am loathe to sport. So out came the seam ripper and a glass of wine, et voila! Perfection!


Deleting excess and streamlining the silhouette was a piece of cake. And there's nothing more satisfying than altering a garment with minimal skill necessary; I didn't even have to bust out the sewing machine. I always told my husband I was best at demolition. And now I can wear this beauty with confidence and sass.


Alex’s turn next week, I challenge her to the following: white, wedges, or a poufy skirt. Vive le vendredi!
:: Just the facts, ma’am :: Dress – eBay Wedges – Dexflex @ Payless
:: Scream it from the top of your lungs :: The Sound by The 1975
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