Jul 3, 2017

The Blended Blog Asks...

I've got something a bit different happening here at the blog today!  Instead of a style post, I'm participating in a fun little interview with a few of my Blended Blog favorites.  If you are stopping by from Sheila's blog, welcome!  And make sure to hop on over to visit Katie when you're done!

1.  Favorite animal: cat (particularly my cat, Izzo).
2.  Wine or beer: red wine, please!
3.  Socks on/off while sleeping: off anytime unless I'm wearing tennis shoes.  I'm not a sock fan.
4.  One piece or two piece swimsuit: two, although I'm not opposed to a cute one piece.
5.  Cooking at home or eating out: I enjoy both but I guess my favorite would be eating out.

could he BE any cuter?!

6.  Pepsi or Coke: nothing beats a fountain Coke!
7.  Regular or electric toothbrush: I actually just purchased a disposable electric toothbrush.  So both?
8.  Candy or chocolate: candy!  Old school Dots are my fave.
9.  Coffee or tea: coffee, coffee, coffee! #butfirstcoffee
10.  Music or talk radio: as much as I try to get into talk radio, I prefer music.

fountain Coke, the way to my heart

11.  Chick flick, action movie or documentary: chick flicks!  Although I prefer watching TV series.
12.  Regular or mechanical pencil: mechanical pencil.
13.  Swimming or laying out: laying out!  Does anyone actually swim at the pool or beach??
14.  Dog or cat: I'm totally a crazy cat lady!
15.  What do you drive?  An SUV, van or sedan: none of the above...a coupe!  A cute Honda Civic!

I only get in the water to cool off

16.  Early bird catches the worm or night owl: umm, neither?!  I'm best during the afternoon, haha!
17.  If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be: strawberry pie.
18.  While you're sleeping- phone in your room or out: on my nightstand (I use it as an alarm).
19.  Singing in the shower: nope, not really. But in the car, most definitely!
20.  Orea cookies: whole, apart or dunked in milk: I do a combination of all three!

strawberry pie > birthday cake

Now that you know some fun, random facts about me, I want to learn a little about you!  Write a post answering these questions and link-up below!

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