Jul 5, 2017

Currently: July

documenting: a weekend getaway to St. Joseph, Michigan (my hometown) with my boyfriend!  We spent a lovely weekend on the coast of Lake Michigan visiting family and friends, eating delicious food, and soaking up the sun at the beach!

accomplishing: my running goals.  Approximately every three years I decide to try running again...and I can actually feel myself improving this time!  I ran my first 5k yesterday and am already looking forward to beating my time at the next one.

enjoying: French-style lunches.  When I lived in France, I would frequently make meals out of a delicious hunk of cheese, fresh fruit, and other little tidbits.  I wondered recently why I don't enjoy simple meals like this now.  So for the past week I've enjoyed camembert, apricots, hummus and fresh veggies for lunch!

reading: The Man in the High Castle by Philip Dick.  I haven't yet seen the series and am looking forward to watching it when my boyfriend and I finish the book!

spending: more money at My Sister's Closet.  I mentioned in this post my fondness for this online boutique (as well as my love for a floral dress).  I recently purchased a few more items from them and am anxiously awaiting their delivery!

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