Aug 2, 2017

Currently: Vacation Edition

As you read this post, I am en route to Belgium!  I'll be spending ten days touring Brussels, Bruges and other parts of the beautiful country.  Once I fly back to the United States, I'll be taking a road trip through Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City and Niagara Falls.  I'm so looking forward to this whirlwind of travel and time with some of my favorite people!  If you want, follow my adventures on Instagram, but for now, enjoy my summer vacation version of Currently.

snacking on: Belgian chocolate and locally brewed beer.  Oh, and probably some waffles and French fries, too!

anticipating: plenty of time sitting in European cafés, sipping coffee (or wine) and reading a good book.

borrowing: my parents' suitcase.  My trusty luggage bit the dust after a number of trips together.  Luckily I can borrow a bag from my parents until I have time to research what I want to travel with next.  Any suggestions?

admiring: lots of history from Europe to our nation!

purchasing: not a whole lot!  I'm doing these trips on a budget so I will try to keep my spending to a minimum.  (Although I'm sure I will purchase a few souvenirs here and there).

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