Aug 30, 2017

Travel Capsule: Summertime in Europe- Introduction and Outfits One, Two and Three

Hey, gals!  I'm super excited to be starting a new mini-series on the blog today!  When I traveled to Europe in April, I did so with a small, capsule wardrobe.  I loved the cohesiveness of my look throughout the trip as well as the ease of packing lightly.  I loved it so much, in fact, that I decided to do another capsule wardrobe for my summer travels.

This capsule was a bit more in-depth since I was traveling for a longer period of time and across two continents.  But you know what? I love how this turned-out, too!  I know that I'm not a capsule wardrobe kind of a girl for day-to-day use, but I think I'll stick to capsules for traveling from here on out!

Over the course of the next five Wednesdays, I will be presenting the fifteen pieces I packed and the fifteen outfits I wore.  (I actually had eighteen outfits in mind but didn't end up needing the last three).

Without further ado, here are my chosen items which include everything from clothes to shoes to accessories:

1.  White Tee (exact)
2.  Striped Tank (exact)
3.  Patterned Tee (similar)
4.  Black Scalloped Tank (exact)
5.  Jeans (exact)
6.  Black Skirt (exact)
7.  Black Leggings (exact)
8.  Chambray Dress (exact)
9.  Black Dress (exact)
10.  Black Romper (similar)
11.  Denim Jacket (similar)
12.  Patterned Scarf (exact)
13.  Black Sandals (similar)
14.  Adidas Sneakers (exact)
15.  Black Purse (exact)

Outfit One

I knew that this trip would involve lots of travel time -- whether it be by plane, train or automobile!  Packing comfy but public-worthy leggings was a must!  I wore this outfit for the plane ride to Brussels and for our first day of touring (since we arrived in the morning and weren't able to check into our Airbnb for quite some time).  I felt comfy but cute and was happy that I had layers to combat the chill of the plane and the rainy weather when we arrived.

Outfit Two

I was so glad that I packed my black romper!  It's as comfy as pajamas but felt trendy and chic as I explored European cities.  It was also a great basic piece to dress up or down with my various accessories.  I wore this outfit for a walking tour around the capital of Belgium!

Outfit Three

You may have started to notice that my capsule was made of black, white and denim.  This is not a normal color (or lack there of) combination for me but I really like the way the pieces mixed and matched so effortlessly!  I wore this comfy outfit to tour the Comic Arts Museum of Brussels.  Are there any Tintin fans out there?!

As I continue with this series, is there anything that you want to read more about?  Any questions you might have?  Please let me know so I can make sure to include what you're looking for!  

Merci for stopping by and see you next week for the next three outfits of the capsule!
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