Sep 21, 2017

Fall Bucket List (And My Summer Bucket List Update)

My how summer seems to fly-by every year!  While today is technically the first day of fall, I've felt like the summer season has been over for exactly a month since I went back to school on August 21st.  While it was short, I squeezed every last bit of fun and accomplished nine out of ten of my bucket list items!

Let's take a look at my Summer Bucket List before we head into fall!

1.  Run a 5k.  Check, check and check!  I ran not one, but three 5ks!  And I won't stop here.  I'm running another race on Saturday and plan to do one once a month from here on out!

4th of July 5k with my handsome guy!

2.  Go camping.  So this is the bucket list task that I didn't get to at all!  We ended-up filling most of our summer weekends with traveling and activities.  Ultimately we decided we needed a little breather and spent a much needed weekend at home instead of camping.  I don't regret this decision one bit!

3.  Take a boat ride.  This one almost got me.  On several occasions I planned to take boats out with friends only to experience broken pontoons and other dilemmas.  Luckily, while in Bruges, Belgium, my friend and I took a lovely canal tour by boat!

Bruges, Belgium

4.  Try a new grill recipe.  There was lots of grilling to be had this summer!  While we usually kept the meats pretty simple, I had fun experimenting with side dishes.  This grilled zucchini recipe was particularly delicious!

5.  Spend a day at the beach.  After a couple attempts, my boyfriend and I got a pretty solid afternoon at the beach (although it was pretty chilly, darned Michigan weather)!

Beach babes!

6.  Get a pedicure.  Done!  And I even found a cute little nail place near my new home!

7.  Try a new hiking trail.  I think my best friend and I tried a few on our monthly hiking adventures!

The Ledges

8.  Buy fresh fruit at a farmer's market.  I just accomplished this one over the weekend at an amazing farmer's market in Madison, Wisconsin.

 The juiciest grapes!

9.  Watch a sunset.  I actually really struggled to get this one in considering it was always cloudy when I had the opportunity to see a sunset.  I think this one counts though!  Bonus points for being in my favorite town from which to watch a sunset: my hometown of St. Joseph, Michigan.

Those rays of sun though.

10.  Explore a new-to-me city.  I did lots of this over the summer!  From Belgium to the New York and Wisconsin, I explored so many cool cities!  This picture was taken in Bruges, Belgium!

And with that, we are on to one of my favorite seasons!  I'm so excited for my bucket list because it will help me make the most of what I love about fall!

Here we go!

1.  Decorate the front porch for fall.
2.  Tailgate before a Michigan State football game.
3.  Wander through a corn maze.
4.  Run four miles without stopping to walk.
5.  Try a new crock pot recipe.
6.  Attend a high school football game.
7.  Try another round of Stitch Fix.
8.  Wrap up in a sweater and read outside.
9.  Go for a hayride.
10.  Visit a new hiking trail.  (A repeat from spring and summer!)

As usual, thank you Leslie for organizing these posts for us!  And make sure to link-up your fall bucket list below!
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