Sep 6, 2017

Travel Capsule: Summertime in Europe- Outfits Four, Five and Six

Hey, friends!  How have you been?  I had every intention of getting back into regular blogging once the school year started but I have been so dang busy.

There are lots of wonderful and exciting things happening in my life right now that I promise to share more about later, once things calm down a bit.  But for today, I promised the second installment of my most recent travel capsule photos!

If you missed it, you can find the list of items in my capsule as well as the first three outfits here.

Outfit Four

Did you know that during the first Sunday of every month, you can get tickets to many of Brussel's museums for free?  My friend and I were able to hit four museums in one day!  Therefore, as with the first three outfits, comfort was key.  This wrap skirt felt like pajamas but I still felt pretty all day.

Outfit Five

These might be my favorite blog pictures that we took during the whole trip!  You gotta love when the backdrop, the lighting and the outfit just come together so easily!  I wore this simple yet classic outfit while on a day trip to Bruges.  I was really happy that I wore my Adidas sneakers because we walked a lot this day!

Outfit Six

Can you tell I was tired when we took these pictures?  We actually snapped these right before enjoying a mid-afternoon nap.  This outfit made of classic, simple pieces took me through the Royal Palace of Brussels and an art museum.

Actually, it is the classic-nature of all of the pieces in my capsule that made these pieces so easy to wear!  What do you think so far?  Do you have a favorite outfit?
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