Sep 13, 2017

Travel Capsule: Summertime in Europe- Outfits Seven, Eight and Nine

You know what I love most about travel?!  Great blogging backdrops!  Just kidding, it's the food.  I definitely travel to eat!  But isn't this background beautiful, anyways?

In case you missed it, I've spent the last couple of weeks sharing with you my travel capsule wardrobe from a trip to Belgium this summer.  If you want to check it out, you can find the fifteen pieces I packed as well as the first three outfits here and you can find outfits four through six here.

Outfit Seven

You know, I'm finding it difficult to write something original about each outfit on this trip.  That's because each and every outfit was comfortable, versatile, layerable and mix-and-matchable.  You know, just what a travel capsule wardrobe should be!  I wore this little number during a day trip to Antwerp, which I learned is called Anvers in French.  Yep, Antwerp and Anvers are the same place.  This made for some slight confusion during our train ride.

Outfit Eight

In all honestly, I was a bit underwhelmed with my outfit (and my hair) on this day.  Although I guess that is bound to happen in every capsule, you'll love some outfits more than others.  But this did make for an easy-to-wear ensemble while binging during a chocolate and beer tour of Brussels.

Outfit Nine

A possible pitfall of traveling with a capsule wardrobe is spillage.  Yep, I spilled wine on this tank top on day one of the trip (let's just blame it on jet lag).  We didn't have easy access to laundry facilities so I got a little creative and knotted the tank to wear over jeans.  I think I like this outfit better that way, anyways!

Alright, friends!  Stay tuned for more capsule outfits next week!  Also, I've decided to write a capsule tips and tricks post when I'm finished posting outfits.  Sarah got me started with a few questions she has about creating a capsule wardrobe but I would love some more!  Anything you want to know or need advice about?  Leave a comment!
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