Mar 2, 2015

Create 28 Recap

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I have been participating in my friend Carrie of A Lovely Little Wardrobe's Create 28 Challenge during the month of February.  For the past 28 days, Carrie has given us a prompt for getting dressed in the morning.  Due to the craziness of real life, I didn't have time to take "official blog photos" of most of these outfits...but I did have time to take a few selfies!  Here are a few shots of my Create 28 ensembles.

Day 1: Your Go-To Look- When in doubt, add a fluffy, blush pink scarf!
Day 2: Monochromatic- Purple vest and a purple cardigan? Don't mind if I do!
Day 3: Neutrals- Grey and navy for the win!
Day 4: Colored Bottoms- Does it get any more colorful than red pants?
Day 10: Bright Colors- A neon floral dress.
Day 11: Stripes- Stripes + cheese + wine, oh my!
Day 14: Valentine's Day- A red dress and a handsome date <3
Day 17: Vest- A puffy vest to hide all of the donuts that I promptly ate out of that box!
Day 18: Leopard Print Pattern Mixing- Polka dots go pretty well with leopard print, don't you think?
Day 23: Pattern Mixing- Pink plaid with pink stripes make me pretty happy!
Day 24: Spring Transition- What's more springy than pastels?
Day 26: New Pattern- Haven't worn gingham yet this month.

Which look is your favorite?
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