Dec 6, 2016

Progressive Dinner Blog Hop: Holiday Party Drinks

Happy Tasty Tuesday, friends!  I know that I don't usually share recipes around these parts but I'm participating in a fun, food-related blog hop today with my friends from The Blended Blog!

Have you ever taken part in a progressive dinner where you pop from one friend's home to another for the different courses of a meal?  Well that's what we are doing today!  But instead of visiting our homes, you are finding our different recipes on our blogs!

Last week a few Blended Bloggers presented a progressive dinner featuring warm and cozy comfort foods.  Today our focus is a holiday party menu!  I'm the first stop on your culinary tour today with a couple of fun drink ideas!

Last holiday season, I concocted a festive Polar Punch that was absolutely delicious.  Credit for finding this recipe goes to my sister who chose it for my niece's first birthday party!  I can't find the exact recipe that we used because I think we modified the original so that it would be pink to match the party.  Instead of using the blue Kool-Aid mix that the recipe calls for, we used a raspberry lemonade mix and in lieu of vanilla ice cream, we created a snowball-like fizz using raspberry sorbet!  While this is more mocktail than cocktail, I think adding some raspberry-flavored vodka could spice up the party!

Another fun drink idea for a holiday party is a hot chocolate bar!  A couple of thermoses of hot chocolate, bowls of your favorite toppings (and a bottle or two of Bailey's and Kahlua) make for an interactive and tasty drink experience!  The personalized hot chocolates were a hit at Eloise's party!

What do you think, did we get the party started?!  When you are ready to munch on some appetizers, head over to Sheila's blog to see what she has prepared for us!

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