Dec 27, 2016

'Tis the Season for High Heels

Do you want to know something funny about me?  I actually wore high heels tons more in high school than I do now.  I suppose once I started teaching, my practical (read: boring) side won I started wearing mostly flats.  And wearing high heels is definitely something that requires practice and tolerance.  Now when I try to wear them, I feel like it's way more difficult than it used to be.

But darn it, sometimes I just want to wear a pair of heels!  Especially this time of year for New Year's Eve parties!

Cue Sole Patches!  Sole Patches are cute, flower-shaped stickers that you can place directly on the ball of your foot or heel or permanently in your pair of shoes to make them more comfortable.

When I received a set to review, I placed a pair permanently in a pair of heels that I wore to coach my very first cheer competition.  I was on my feet for four hours straight and was running back and forth across a high school gym.  And you know what, they helped!  Without the Sole Patches, my heels would have been off and my Ugg boots back on within an hour.  Nope!  I kept those shoes on all night!

If you are a sucker for cute but uncomfortable shoes, definitely give Sole Patches a try!
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