Mar 20, 2018

Bucket List: Winter to Spring 2018

Wow!  Today marks one year since I began recording my seasonal bucket lists here at Whitney à la mode.  My how time flies and this quarterly post has turned into one of my favorites to write.  Having a list of things I want to do helps me to live each seasonally more intentionally and allows me to enjoy the special activities that mark each time of the year.  Thanks, Leslie, for organizing these posts and for getting me started with my bucket lists!

Before I decide what I want to accomplish this spring, let's see how I did this winter!

1.  Make the perfect beer cheese soup.  Okay, so I wanted to try a bunch of recipes for beer cheese soup and then pick the perfect one.  And then I only made the soup once.  But you know what, it was quite tasty, so I'm considering this accomplished!

2.  Have a Christmas Movie Marathon.  Yep!  My boyfriend and I spent an afternoon watching The Santa Clause, Miracle on 24th Street (the newer version), and Elf.  We also squeezed in Home Alone on a different night.

3.  Learn How to Ski.  My boyfriend loves to snowboard so, in order to be able to hit the slopes with him, I decided to try my hand at skiing this year.  Justin turned 30 on New Year's Day so to celebrate, we went to Boyne Mountain in northern Michigan for a long weekend.  It was relaxing, romantic, and guess what?!  I learned to ski and I actually like it!

4.  Go to an MSU Basketball Game.  Sadly, I failed at this one.  Tickets were pricey and time got away from me.  But I did watch plenty of games on TV (including that painful match against Syracuse on Sunday).  #marchsadness

5.  Mix Some Warm Winter Cocktails.  This is another semi-win.  I did not make it myself but I did enjoy an Irish Coffee at our local watering hole.

6.  Find a church in my new hometown.  This one isn't quite accomplished yet as my boyfriend and I haven't settled on a home church.  But we have been looking and visiting a few.  We will find the right one eventually!

7.  Try a Top 10 Grand Rapids Restaurant Each Month:  Yes!  This has been one of my favorite ways to explore my new hometown (that is known for its awesome restaurant scene).  In December, we hit up Marie Catrib's, January took us to The Green Well and then my boyfriend and I went to Leo's for Valentine's Day in February.  Up next: San Chez!

8.  Go to Taco Tuesday at Cannonsburg (Our Local Skiing Spot).  Nope.  We didn't do this once.  But my boyfriend and I enjoy our homemade breakfast burritos every Tuesday night!

9.  Watch All of the Star Wars Movies:  Fail fail fail!  We went to see the newest film in theaters in December which inspired this bucket list item.  And then I never watched another Star Wars movie.

10.  Try Another Round of Stitch Fix:  I actually decided to try Trunk Club, Nordstrom's version of Stitch Fix instead!  For a $25 styling fee (as opposed to $20 with SF), you get lots more items in your TC box!  I loved mine and will be sharing a full review and all of my goodies soon!

Seven outta ten ain't bad, right?!  And with that, I'm so ready for spring!  Bring on the sunshine:

1.  Plant something.
2.  Go for one walk a week.
3.  Try a new Top 10 Grand Rapids restaurant each month (a continuation from my winter bucket list).
4.  Visit to the zoo.
5.  Spontaneously get donuts some weekend morning.
6.  Run a 10k.
7.  Make or buy a spring wreath.
8.  Go-out for ice cream.
9.  Read something outside of the box.
10.  Start the Star Wars series (I'm being a bit more realistic this time).

What are you planning to do this spring?  Don't forget to link-up your post below on Wednesday (I'm posting one day early)!

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