Mar 14, 2018

Minnie Mouse à la Mode

I thought about titling this post, "What to Wear in Orlando," but then I realized that I didn't have much to add that you probably don't already know yourself:

  1. wear light, breathable, clothing
  2. walking shoes that are comfy and cushioned are a must
  3. cross-body bags make for hands-free amusement park fun
  4. you'll want to wear sunglasses unless you want a headache from squinting
  5. suncreen!  suncreen!  sunscreen!

While I don't have many unique tips on dressing for a Disney vacation, I can share with you what I wore and loved during my Orlando trip in February.

I've been packing for trips with a capsule mentality for about a year now (check-out my springtime in Europe and my summer in Belgium posts).  One of my favorite perks of packing this way is feeling like I have a cohesive style throughout my trip.  So, even though this wasn't a long trip and I didn't really need layers (which help so much in remixing capsules), I decided that I wanted all of my Orlando outfits to be in the same color scheme and have the same vibe.

For each capsule, there's usually an item that sparks my inspiration.  This time, I built my capsule around these Minnie Mouse Keds.  I am notorious for making poor shoe decisions that I regret halfway through the day and I was determined not to do so for this trip.  I love my other pairs of Keds so I knew that these would be comfortable and provide lots of cushion to make standing in long lines a bit more bearable.  Plus, if you can't wear whimsical shoes at the Magic Kingdom, when can you??

Want your own pair of Minnie Mouse Keds?  I found a bunch of cute pairs on Amazon like mine but in red, these cute lace-ups, and this more subtle pair.

What I'm Wearing:
Dress: My Sister's Closet (exact)
Crossbody Purse: Old Navy (similar)
Sneakers: Keds (exact)

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