May 31, 2017

Travel Capsule: Springtime in Europe- Outfits Six and Seven

Well we've made it to the final installment of my European travel capsule!  In case you missed it, I took ten items of clothing with me on a trip through Italy, Switzerland and France in April and loved every outfit I created.

For our very last day in Paris, I brought out the striped dress from day one in Venice!  I made it a little more sporty this time with a pair of Converse instead of loafers and my utility jacket instead of the floral scarf.

And last but not least, a travel outfit!  Although I have to admit, I wore this on the way to Europe, not on the way home.  These pictures were taken after an eight-hour flight to Amsterdam so please excuse the wrinkles and the groggy expression.

I also have to admit that this polka dot tee (from LOFT outlet) was not listed in my Introduction post.  When I originally created the capsule, I had the scarf in the "extras" category and this t-shirt on the list.  But when I went to write that post, I totally forgot about it!

I actually think that I could have created more than seven outfits with these ten pieces (a few of them were only used once)!  But ultimately I only need seven outfits for this trip.  Which was your favorite?

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