May 11, 2017


Buongiorno, bellas!  I hope you're ready for lots of pictures because I have some fun travel stories to share with you!  Yesterday I introduced my travel capsule wardrobe for a springtime trip to Europe and today I want to start telling you about my trip!  During our week abroad we spent time in Italy, Switzerland and France so I will be writing one travel post per country.

Our trip began in Italy so let's start here!  The school group I traveled with flew into the airport in Milan.  The original plan was to head straight to Venice but the group we were sharing a bus with was running behind.  Instead of waiting for them at the airport, our tour director took us to the center of the city to explore a bit and eat some gelato.  What a great bonus since we weren't supposed to see Milan at all!  The picture below is of El Duomo in the city center.

From Milan, we hopped on a bus for several hours and arrived outside of Venice just in time for a pasta dinner.  After a good night sleep (a bed, finally!), we woke-up ready for our first full day of touring the beautiful city.

Early the next morning we took a ferry to Venice.  Once we arrived, we spent the morning on a walking tour of the canal-lined city.  I wanted to take pictures of every little side street and café because each angle was so beautiful!

After our walking tour we had several free hours to eat lunch and wander.  All of our students decided to explore the city with their parents so my teacher friends and I got to enjoy a glass of wine with the most amazing Italian pizza!

After lunch we explored a bit more of the city and made a few more pit stops: once for gelato and another time for a true Italian cappuccino by the canal.

While wandering the side streets and eating all the things were my favorite parts of the day, I probably should note the famous sights that I got to see!  We visited St. Mark's Square and saw St. Mark's Cathedral, viewed the Grand Canal from the Doge's Palace, and took a gondola ride!

After a full day touring Venice, our next day was spent mostly on a bus to Switzerland.  We did, however get to stop midday at Lake Como, Italy.  There, we took a sunny boat ride the with the most amazing views I've ever experienced.

Our boat stopped in the little town of Bellagio where we had free time for lunch.  I ate a delicious salad and the freshest bruschetta!

After lunch we hopped back on the boat for an hour-long cruise of the lake.  The weather was so warm and sunny and the lake was serene.  It made for a perfectly relaxing afternoon on the water.

After Lake Como we continued our bus ride into Switzerland.  I hope that you will come back next week on Thursday for my travel post about our visit to the Alps!
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