May 23, 2017

Meet the Blended Blog

Yesterday I posted about the amazing trip I took to Toronto with the most amazing group of women ever!  Now that I've recapped our Canadian adventures, I want to take the time to talk about each of these women who I can now call my friends in real life.  Because if you don't know them already, you really need to!

I'm starting with Nicole from Nick & Nicole Plus 4 because she took the beautiful photos you see in this post!  She works as a professional photographer so if you live near Barrie, Canada and need someone to take beautiful photos, you must choose her.  Going into this experience, I was in awe of Nicole and the fitness journey she has been on for the past year.  To meet her and to find that, not only is she strong and dedicated, she is a ton of fun was an absolute delight!  We were bus buddies on our day trip to Niagara and I really enjoyed learning more about her and her family and sharing our love for the Fitness Marshall.  I'm ready for a dance party when you are, Nicole!

Deena, our fearless leader!  She writes over at Shoes to Shiraz and is, without a doubt, the coolest person I know.  From her effortlessly badass style to her ability to make the best selfie faces, I kind of just want to be her.  But really, I admire Deena because she's got it all together...the job, the family, the blogging...and still finds time to be a dedicated and loving friend!

Alison of Puppies and Pretties was one of my roommates for the trip.  Of all the time I spent with her throughout the weekend, my favorite moments were the goofy ones spent in our hotel room. We laughed so much about everything from hotel robes to dry shampoo.  You won't find a kinder, more down to earth girl than Alison.  Although I blame her for my Lilly Pulitzer wish list.  This girl has the best collection of Lilly tops!

Shaunacey from Simply Shaunacey is the funny, caring, sassy and grounded girl you just want to be your friend!  She just has this air of "it's cool, I've got this" about her while being absolutely hilarious.  She's pregnant with a baby girl and it was so fun to throw her a little shower over the weekend.

Andrea of Living on Cloud Nine is the absolute sweetest human being on this planet.  From the moment you meet her, she will make you feel special and loved.  I feel so blessed that she lives so close to me and sometimes vacations in my hometown.  I'm banking on more time with this one over the summer.  I need more Andrea in my life!

Katie of The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life was my other roommate for the weekend.  She has the biggest smile and the most infectious laugh of the group.  Seriously, is she ever not smiling?!  Katie is just the kind of person who makes your life brighter and who lightens up a room with her presence.  I want to spend some days relaxing by the pool with her (although her tan will put me to shame).

Sarah of Foxy's Domestic Side is just an absolute delight and she loves candy just as much as I do!  She's got the biggest smile, the prettiest skirts and the best lipstick collection of anyone I know.  On top of that she's so sweet and tons of fun!  I feel like we could just sit on the couch over drinks and chit chat the night away.

Lisa from Daily Style Finds has this overall poise that you wish you could master while still being so very down-to-earth and kind.  I enjoyed talking with her as we strolled the streets of Toronto.  She is another Midwesterner so I'm really hoping for the chance to see her more often and to know her even better!

Lana blogs at My New Happy and is the kind of person who puts you at ease.  She is so easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable in any situation.  I hope that a little bit of her confidence and contentedness with life rub off on me!

Christy from RSquared is such a ball of energy!  She has this zest for life that actually makes you feel more energetic.  From her perfectly shaped haircut to her bold style and fun personality, she will make your day more happy and exciting!

These women are all so special in their unique ways.  They inspire me to be a better person, celebrate the happy moments in life with me and lift me up when I'm down.  I hope you will enjoy getting to know them as much as I have!

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