May 16, 2017

Ready for Summer

Guess what?!  One month from today is my last day of school for the year!  And oh boy is this teacher ready!  In honor of my one-month countdown, let's take a look at some summertime essentials that I will need oh so soon!

1.  A cute swimsuit: scallops have always been a favorite detail of mine on clothing and accessories.  When I saw this high-waisted, scalloped bikini from Zaful, I was so excited to scoop it up for the season!  I usually size-up from my typical medium when it comes to products from Zaful and I would definitely recommend doing so with this swimsuit.  The large fits perfectly!

2.  Fresh sunnies: Loft has been my go-to spot for sunglasses the last few years and this season is no exception.  I'm excited to wear this retro pair out in the sun (when it finally decides to stick around).

3.  A trendy coverup: I'm not usually quick to jump on clothing trends (classic is more my style) but I do think that it's fun to experiment with swimsuit coverups.  I mean, they usually aren't too expensive and you only wear them to the pool and back.  What a great opportunity to have a little fun!

4.  A fun water bottle: staying hydrated is so important when you are spending more time being active out in the sun!  A cute water bottle definitely makes it more fun to drink that water.

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