May 10, 2017

Travel Capsule: Springtime in Europe- Introduction and Outfit One

I'm so excited to be kicking-off this series today because, in writing these posts, I'm getting to relive my spectacular Spring Break trip!  In early April, I took a group of twenty-one students, parents and teachers from my district on a European vacation.  It was a big (and sometimes stressful) undertaking but the trip went off without a hitch and everyone had a wonderful experience.  We traveled through Italy, Switzerland and France.  I got to visit places I've never before seen and I got to experience the magic of Paris through the eyes of my students who were seeing it for the first time!

While preparing for this trip, I challenged myself to create a travel capsule wardrobe.  We were constantly on the move so this capsule helped me to pack light while always feeling put-together.  The trouble with traveling in Europe during spring is the unpredictability of the weather.  Not to mention we were traveling to several locations across the continent!  Being prepared for all weather conditions was a priority as was dressing comfortably because we were often on our feet all day.

Here is what I brought with me for my travel capsule wardrobe:

1.  blue and white striped dress (similar)
2.  navy floral sleeveless top (exact)
3.  navy peplum sleeveless top (exact)
4.  light pink sweatshirt (similar but short-sleeved)
5.  mustard cardigan (similar)
6.  floral scarf (exact)
7.  skinny jeans (exact)
8.  boyfriend jeans (exact)
9.  coral loafers (similar)
10.  white converse (exact)

Extra #1: coral jacket (exact)
Extra #2: navy bag (exact)

In coming-up with this lineup, I started with a color scheme: coral and navy.  From there I chose basics that would mix and match but with some fun details like stripes and floral prints (so I didn't feel too bored).

Here is the first outfit I created from my list of ten items!

I wore this during our day trip to Venice, Italy.  The knit dress was the perfect weight for a sunny day in Northern Italy.  I mostly wore the scarf for show but it did come in handy on the chilly ferry ride to the city.  And these loafers!  They are from Old Navy so I was a bit worried about how comfortable they would be, but they were perfect for a day of sightseeing!

I also have to note that I found the most perfect travel bag!  I wanted a cross body bag for security purposes, something big enough to hold the paperwork I had to carry, and something chic that would go with the other items in my capsule.  I found this awesome messenger bag from and it comes in a few other colors and prints.  I would highly recommend it if you are in the market for a travel bag.

I hope you are as excited as I am for the continuation of this series!  I will also be posting reviews of the actual trip and you will find my Italy installment tomorrow.  And while you're here, link-up your latest style post with The Blended Blog below.

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