May 8, 2017

A Beautiful Mélange Link-Up: Good-for-You Skincare

Yep, I'm double posting today!  Not only am I running my new weekly link-up with Carrie, I'm also co-hosting a link-up with The Blended Blog today!

If you missed last week's announcement, A Beautiful Mélange will be live every Monday and is a space for you to link-up whatever is sparking your imagination lately.

To avoid redundancy, I will just give you a little bit of information about my other post today.  If it's something that sounds interesting, you can hop on over!

Lately I've fallen for a line of beauty products called Beauty Counter.  The products are luxurious and the company is committed to creating a skincare line free of any potentially harmful chemicals or ingredients.  I'm reviewing a number of the products I've tried in my other post today.  And, if you are interested in trying any of these products for yourself, you can shop through my links and earn some awesome freebies (including my favorite product)!

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