Mar 28, 2018

Dressing for Spring When it Feels Like Winter

Salut, mes amis!  I'm double-posting today, here and at The Blended Blog, where I'm sharing my style struggles lately.  I want to dress for spring but it still feels like winter outside.  Are you in the same chilly boat?  Well then take a peek at my six tips on dressing for spring when it feels like winter.  You'll find three of them here and the other three at TBB.

Find a Spring Jacket You're Excited to Wear
I don't just mean find a jacket you like, I mean find a jacket that you absolutely can't wait to wear!  It can be frustrating that we still have to layer-up, but with a fun spring coat, extra layers will feel fun.  I purchased this utility jacket from the Gap a few years ago and still get excited to pull it out every spring.  Here are a few of my picks for this spring!

Rotate Purses
I don't buy purses terribly frequently anymore but when I do, I like to buy something that is good quality like my Cambridge Satchel.  My secret to keeping my bags nice and not getting sick of them, is that I only use them for a season and then tuck them away for the rest of the year.  This particular purse is my warm-weather bag and I get excited to see it every spring!  I'm content to use this beauty for another season but if you want a new purse, here a few that are fun for spring!

Pick a Spring Print
While I believe that you can wear whatever you want whenever you want to, there are definitely prints that make you think of a particular time of year -- like plaid for fall and the holidays.  This time of year, I like to start wearing warm-weather prints like floral and gingham.  I especially like to find these prints in colors that are still a bit wintery to really work through this transitional weather.  Here are a few printed pieces to take you from winter to spring!

What sorts of things are you wearing this time of year?  I would love a few more tips to get me through the next few weeks!  And make sure to link-up below with The Blended Blog!

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