Jan 17, 2017

A Watch to Match My Cat

If you've followed me for any amount of time either here or on Instagram, you know how much I love my cat, Izzo!  As a single gal living in a one-bedroom apartment, Izzo is my family.  Not to mention he is a hilarious source of entertainment as his zips and zaps around the living room.  He's also a pretty decent cuddle buddy during these cold winter months.  Long story short, I own the moniker crazy cat lady proudly!

So, when Zaful gave me the opportunity to choose a few more pieces to review, I immediately zeroed-in on this cutesy cat watch!  Alas, one of the color options was not grey to match Izzo perfectly, but black was close enough!  It's such a fun piece to add pizzazz to a basic outfit or as a conversation starter!  And y'all, you won't believe the price.  I'm serious, go check it out!

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