Jan 3, 2017

Currently: January

gathering: Christmas decorations.  I know that some people like to take their holiday décor down as soon as Christmas is over but I like to leave mine up through the new year.  To me, NYE is still a part of the holiday season.  Now that 2017 has arrived, I'm slowly gathering and boxing-up my holiday decorations.

making: yoga plans.  Last year I discovered just how much happier I am when yoga is a regular part of my life.  It, unfortunately, fell to the wayside when school started but since my sister and brother-in-law got me an amazing yoga mat for Christmas, I'm feeling reenergized to keep it a part of my life! 

sipping: coffee mixed with hot chocolate.  Well, I suppose that's what I was sipping during Winter Break.  Instead of heading to my favorite coffee shop, I indulged in homemade mochas while snuggling at home with my cat.

following: tattoo care directions.  I mentioned in my Best of 2016 post that I recently got my first tattoo.  It feels so very me and I'm so happy that I finally went for it!  It's now in the itchy, healing stage so I'm using lots of Hustle Butter to make it feel better.

resolving: to take more steps.  For Christmas, my dad purchased each family member a new Fitbit so that we can compete to see who gets-in the most steps!  My competitive streak has definitely kicked-in as I find myself doing laps around my apartment...although family nature hikes are definitely more fun!

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