Jan 20, 2017

Blogging Besties :: Cobalt Blue

Blogging Besties is a weekly series featuring Whitney of Whitney à la mode, Alex of Undergraduate Style, Maricel of ::My Closet Catalogue:: and Selah of A Bibliophile’s Style. Each week, one of the bloggers will choose one component from the previous week’s outfit to pass on in a brand new look. This “take one, pass it on” challenge is an inspiration to stretch your closet and your imagination!
Last week, Alex brightened up the grey skies with her "Cherry on Top" ensemble.     And much as I adore a pop of color, you all should know that I'm thoroughly pleased that Alex's challenge for me didn't include red. This week is brought to you by: “floral print, cobalt blue, chain link jewelry, or suede shoes". And for your viewing pleasure, I give you: cobalt blue, of course.


 It's been forever and a day since I've done a TARDIS Tuesday, when it was my wont to celebrate anything bright blue and Doctor Who-related. So I'm entirely too giddy that Alex's prompt allows me to show off my fabulous cobalt coat. I'd purchased this beauty off someone from Poshmark but it hadn't been weather appropriate for quite a while since I'd acquired it during the summer. And then, to be quite honest, I promptly forgot I owned it and it probably would've moldered in my closet indefinitely, so thank you, Alex, for giving me the opportunity to remember its existence.


Because the coat sports such a bold color and its cut is potentially overwhelming for my very short frame, I decided to style it very simply. I streamlined the bottom with a monochromatic matching of pants and boots, lengthening my silhouette in the process. Underneath is a very thin layering tunic that doesn't detract from the coat but would've allowed me to take it off had the weather turned warmer. (It didn't.) A matching infinity scarf ties everything together. I toyed with the idea of using a black tunic and a black scarf to make the look even simpler, but I felt that would've made the outfit too matchy-matchy and somber so opted for the lighter colors. I think the choice was wise, don't you?

For Selah’s turn next week, I challenge her to the following: double breasted, simple silhouette or gold accents. Vive le vendredi!

:: Just the facts, ma’am :: Coat – Charles Grey London via Poshmark Layering tee – Who What Wear via Target Pants - eBay Boots – Merona via Target
:: Scream it from the top of your lungs :: It Had to Be You by Doris Day
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