Oct 24, 2015

Create28: Camo

You might think that being a part of a military family makes one love camo. In my case that has not been true. It has taken me awhile to embrace camo, which I admit was a poor decision on my part. I admit it, friends! I love camo. Well, maybe not all camo but the pieces I have in my wardrobe, I really love. I thought it would be fun to spice it up and add some pops of color and I was surprised with what I came up right in my own closet. My favorite look incorporates a pop of pink with camo.

camo+pink skirt



  With the bright pink skirt, I added a soft pink blouse and sparkly jewelry for a feminine touch that pairs with the masculine camo jacket. Of course, booties are the best footwear for fall and look great with skirts. I also have a pair of camo skinnies that arethe absolute most comfortable pants I own. I wish all my pants had this fit and were as comfy. Again, I wanted to add a pop of color but went with a little burnt orange. I kept the same light pink blouse to show the remixing ability with it and camo.

camo+orange puffer

camo pants + orange puffer

  I pinned a few camo looks that I love too for a little inspiration. What about you? Do you own any camo?
Whitney will be back tomorrow with sporting Aztec print. She's rocking all of her looks and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us.
Create28 Collage

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