Oct 4, 2015

Create28: Color Mixing

While I was putting together my first Create28, I tried to mix three different colors together to create a new look. I stuck with solids so I wouldn't muddy the waters too much. Now here I am again to do a little color mixing. I have found this is a look a really enjoy wearing. There are different ways in which to mix colors. One way is to mix shades of one color. I have done this in the past with a monochromatic look and a neutral look from Create28 Lovely Looks. These looks stayed along the lines of one color and mixing tones or shades of that color. I also put together three different colors and created these looks. color mixing collage

As I began to put a new look together I wondered what colors I should choose to mix. I thought about choosing two neutrals or muted colors and use a pop with a third color. Then I had to think about what's in my closet currently for the fall season. Some of my options but not all:
  • Black, grey & red
  • Grey, blue & purple
  • Grey, burgundy & navy
  • Brown, navy & purple
As I was putting pieces together, I thought it was time to reinstate my favorite pants. They are my grey skinnies {not denim} and I wore them shamefully often last fall and winter. With that as my base I wanted to grab wine and navy to mix with for a look.
  color mixing-grey+wine+navy

color mixing-grey:wine:navy

With this look I wore a cami under the 3/4 length cardigan. I added a navy belt and a tassel necklace which also had a blue accent. These rich fall colors easily came together and a simple pattern can be found in the flats. In this look all the colors seem to be somewhat equal so I thought I would change that up and try another look. I still stayed in the rich colors that I love for fall. I would say jewel tone{ish} is where I'm landing for color mixing.
  color mixing-grey+teal

Here I used blue as an accent and made the teal-green the center and focus color. Another great color for fall and versatile in my ways in any wardrobe. There are three colors but the balance is different from the previous look and the ones from my first Create28. Does color mixing seem confusing? It might depend on what colors you typically have in your wardrobe. I think I gravitate toward neutrals, solids and jewel tones. I have some patterns but when I stand and look at my pieces this is what makes up a majority of my pieces. In case you want a little help with color mixing, you can check out the Pinterest board below.


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Tomorrow we're all back with fall colors as our prompt. We also be hosting our weekly link-up. Hope to see then!
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