Oct 17, 2015

Create28: Blanket Scarf

Ok, I have a little confession--i am doing a post on blanket scarves...yet I don't actually OWN a blanket scarf...like a "for reals, giant, scarf that can keep a family of five warm"-type blanket scarf.

Living in California, 99% of the time, I would overheat and DIE in a true blanket scarf (although it would come in handy when camping!), so I purchased what I call the "California Blanket Scarf." My version has a lot more scarf and a lot less "blanket!" Yet I feel I can get roughly the same look with overheating.

I picked mine up at Sears (Yeah, my boots on Wednesday from Sears, now this!??! So odd..I can't figure out why I keep finding stuff at Sears!!) but nearly the same version can be found at Target HERE--i have seen the pattern closer to mine in stores but not online.

There are two ways I like to wear this scarf ~

1) Tied with Stripes ~ Even though plaid technically has stripes, for some reason I love adding even MORE stripes with my plaid! This "tie" is super easy and I feel gives the right amount of "bulk" to get the cozy blanket scarf look without drowning my 5'4" frame.

Jeans (my FAVE to wear with boots!): exact
Striped Tee: Target (similar)
Vest: via Jane (similar, similar)
Boots: Frye (similar)
Scarf: Sears (see similar options below!)

My scarf is roughly the same size as the Target one. All I did was hold it out lengthwise, then bring together two of the corners and TIE! I leave the other ends loose to some added volume :) Then I just wrapped it twice around my neck. Easy!

2) Just Hanging ~ Sometimes I just like the look of the plaid, but I don't need the extra bulk/heat around my neck, so I will just drape it over my shoulders.

Jeans: Old Navy (similar)
Booties: similar, cute option

So the "California Scarf" is basically the look of the blanket scarf with less bulk. :)

Have you all made the trendy plunge and purchased a blanket scarf (REAL or California Style)?!!!? I'd love to see the ways you style them! Link up with us on Mondays or use the hashtag #Create28FallLooks on Instagram! And don't forget to stop by tomorrow when Carrie shows us some pretty Fall blouses!

I will leave you with some great blanket scarves and "California Blanker Scarf" options! (click on any pic for more info!)

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